Posted by: libbith | July 10, 2009

The Countdown Begins

A quick peak into my life right now.  Here is part of an e-mail from the head coach detailing our workout on Saturday morning:


Group BRICK (2:30) 7:00am START @ Riverside + Prospect Park

RUN .5M / BIKE 1:00 / RUN 6-8M (1:15 max)

This is a race simulation, so show up well rested and ready to race! Bring your intended race day nutrition and clothing if you have it already

RUN .5M / BIKE 1:00/ RUN 6-8M (1:15 max)

6:45 – 6:55 am. Check-in at transition area
6:55-7:00 am. Pre-event announcements

7:00am .5M warm-up run

7:10 am Start 1:00 cycling

8:15am transition to run

9:30am End run

9:30-10:00am NYCTRI course Transition orientation (Riverside Pk only) or Transition Demo

Please arrive on time to hear the important pre-event announcements. In triathlons, there are time penalties and even disqualification for violation of the race rules. Please review recent posting of race rules.

Manhattan GTS – after warm-up jog, you will BIKE to Central Pk, and complete a 2 x 6M loop on the bike followed by lower loop repeats at steady pace to complete the 1:00 of cycling. The 1:00 includes the time it takes to get to and from CP. This timed format will have you all finish the cycling leg and enter the transition area close to each other, simulating the excitement and challenge of event day. You should be off your bike by ~8:15am.

Your RUN is max of 1:15, and we expect athletes to cover 6-8M. You will run along 72nd to CP, obeying all traffic laws! 1M to CP. Once in CP, head north on West Drive.

Basic course has you stay on West Drive up to 102nd transverse, cross to East Drive (~mile 3) and run down to 72nd. Cross 72nd transverse and head back to the transition area in Riverside Pk.

Intermediate + Advanced course carries you above 102nd St through northern hills – yup, the full NYC Run course.”

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