Posted by: libbith | July 8, 2009


If anyone actually ever commented on my posts–or read them for that matter–this is a topic I would love to start a dialogue about.  I find it fascinating from where and what people find inspiration when it comes to training for an endurance sport.  Personally, it has been amazing to be told that it is ME that is inspiring other people.  Not only do I think they’re lying, but I can’t believe that I could ever inspire anyone when it comes to exercise.  The times, they are a changin’.

One thing that I get inspiration from is stories of the underdog.  Since that is the category I believe myself to be in, when I hear about people who have even more to overcome, it reminds me that this is certainly an achievable goal.  Team in Training has been great in that way, reminding me constantly that if my “honored teammates” can do this right after chemo, I can certainly push through the pain. That’s why these running stories on The New York Times website are really motivating to me.  While some of these people aren’t necessarily “underdogs”, the woman who started marathons at 35, the girl with cystic fibrosis, and the nun (I will never again complain that I’m hot while running!) are all really inspiring.

Running Voices copy

Running Voices

So, anyone out there? What is motivating for you? I could use all the stories and tips you use in these last three (less than three, really) weeks!


  1. its me, your commenter 🙂 This is definitely an interesting question to pose. At first my inspiration was my wedding dress, having it fall off of me at my first fitting (yay it did!) and then just weight loss in general. This year, I think part of my inspiration is getting to inspire others. I push myself and do these races so that I can tell other people about them, and inspire them to do the same.
    I think there is a lot more wrapped up in why I started this too, a lot of it to do with honoring my Dad and being a partner for my Mom on these events since she’d lost hers.
    The rest I may have to think on more and save for a post of my own 🙂

  2. Besides Adrienne- I believe I too have commented. Anyway, you know I don’t have a real story to tell regarding inspiration and exercise; I do think though that the drive to accomplish obstacles and tasks can be drawn from many aspects of life. Take from the example of others and then from yourself (you have pushed yourself in many other areas of life).

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