Posted by: libbith | August 25, 2009

Team in Greging

I am still sweaty, in my workout clothes, and sucking down a blue Powerade as I type.  I just got home from running the “Help Greg Fight Cancer 5K” in Prospect Park.  That’s nice, you’re thinking.  So glad she’s updating us on a 5k she ran today when we are STILL WAITING TO HEAR ABOUT THE TRIATHLON! I know, I know.  I owe you posts.  Many posts.  About the weekend before the tri.  About life post-tri.  And about the freaking tri you heard so much about for so long!!

Well, that’s fair.  I understand your anger, your disappointment, your abandonment. I’ve let you down.  But I have an explanation….I think.  Here goes: The whole experience was so overwhelming, so amazing, so stimulating and was followed but a bit of a letdown, that I don’t know where to start.  Like many things–like training for this, for example–I am getting overwhelmed by how much I want to write and express, instead of just starting.  So that’s why you’ve had radio silence.

greging2I am attempting to unstick this logjam by saying, I just ran a 5k. It was my first post-Race race and it was an interesting experience.  First, it was run by JackRabbit, a local running and tri shop, to raise money for one of their employees, Greg.  He is 22, was training for a 50-mile ultramarathon, and was diagnosed with testicular cancer that is spreading.  Needless to say, the medical bills are overwhelming.  So, what does the running shop do to help? They run, of course!  For a $20 entrance fee, they had a totally volunteer-run race in Prospect Park so that ALL of the proceeds are going to go straight to Greg. [Click the picture to read more about the race.]

This idea really inspired me.  For so many of these races, Team in Training included, you raise money for some large organization and have no idea what your money is going to do.  I’m not saying these foundations don’t need operating costs, don’t need to pay their employees, don’t need to buy stationary.  As a not-for profit intern myself, I understand that every penny helps the larger goal.  What I am saying, however, is that it was nice, for once, to know exactly who you were running for and exactly where your registration fee was going.

Now, just because the cause was all warm and fuzzy didn’t make the run that way.  Well, warm, yes.  Easy and cheerful, not so much.  First, I’ve only run three times since the race (hopefully, more on that in another post).  Second, Lynn and I–I did the race with Lynn and her husband and it was great so see them and catch up–took off to a galloping start, giving me abdominal cramps and her shoulder pain.  So the first mile was a sprint, the second 2.1 a “I hope I make this.”  On top of that, it was deceptively humid, even though it was cooler than it’s been.  So it was fine.  It was nice running in Prospect Park, if frustrating that I had no idea where we were going.  Also, since I did same-day registration, they didn’t have any more timing chips (so many people turned up for Greg!) so I clocked myself.  I had me at a 30:44. Certainly far from stellar.  But, who cares, we did it.  Also, seeing so many familiar faces from training made me realize that I am now part of this larger running community in New York City and, you know what, I kinda like it.



  1. Welcome back, but more importantly, you did a mitzvah. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Greg.

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