Posted by: libbith | August 11, 2009

I’m Still Here!

I realize I haven’t told you yet that I finished the triathlon.  I realize that I haven’t written since the morning of the race.  I realize that, if anyone reads this who doesn’t know me in real life, I may have left them hanging in horrible suspense.  (Clearly doubtful since I neither have many readers nor am that important, but I can pretend, can’t I?)

For these things, I apologize.

A race weekend summary, in three parts, is on its way.  I’ve had many non-tri related things to take care of since I put them on hold for a few weeks before the race, and then I went on vacation for a week and there was no way I was reading blogs, let alone writing my own, while I decompressed.

So, take this quick little post as a reminder that I exist.  I will be back.  I am not through with this triathlon business, and certainly not letting myself give up on physical fitness.  I have many plans, many new goals, and my Pumpkinman Tri in September to look forward to! Please, keep checking in.  I promise I will be back here with gusto as soon as I can.


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