Posted by: libbith | July 24, 2009

Stream of Consciousness Friday

Less than two days and counting.  Here is what’s on my mind:

–I’m trying to develop a mental playlist for the race.  Singing in my head gets me through a lot of mentally challenging or tedious situations, so it should be pretty helpful for this one.  I think I need to have a combination of calming songs (like Anna Nalick’s Breathe (2 am) for the swim, since that is what I will have to remind myself to do and Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind for parts of the bike, since I want to appreciate the scenery) as well as up tempo, motivating songs (I’m thinking some battle songs from Les Mis and Newsies).  Any suggestions? They have to be, as evidenced by my prior examples, songs I already know and have easily memorizable lyrics (iPods are against the rules).  Also, cheesy. Cheesy is good.

–I actually, drug free, slept really well last night.  Normally, when I’m anxious, I have a lot of sleeping issues.  I’m finding it incredibly bizarre that, despite the random tri dream here and there, I have been pretty rested all week.  Watch, tonight, the most important night, will be a disaster.

–Everyone keeps telling me that, no matter how often you do this, it is always somewhate nerve wracking.  So you just have to learn to embrace it.  I’m really trying to just get comfortable with my anxiety which, for me, is completely counterintuititive.

–I’m surprised about what is making me most nervous.  In order from worst to best, I am stressing about the swim, bike, and run.  Fortunately, I am less stressed as I get more tired.  Oddly, however, this is the order of my strengths.  The swim is stressing me out because it is the biggest unknown.  I hate open water, I hate salty water, and I am afraid of the Hudson.  The bike is a little scary because the course is totally unfamiliar.  Even though the run is the least fun for me, I am the least nervous about it because I know every inch of the course backwards and forwards having trained on it for five months.  So I know exactly how much energy to save in the beginning and exactly what I have to tackle up ahead


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