Posted by: libbith | July 24, 2009

And We’re Off!, pt. 2

At the beginning of March, Team in Training held a kick-off event, which I wrote about here.  The event was really interesting, a bit strange, and emotions were definitely on a roller coaster for me that night.  In the way that life–and the TNT organizers–likes to do, this event was mirrored by a another event that was, in many ways, exactly the same and completely different from its pair.

For similarities, the send-off was at the same time, and in the same room at the same building as the kick-off.  People spoke to us from stage, tried to motivate us, and we listened.  We also got packets of information.  Oh, and I was really nervous.  And it was really exciting. That’s where the similarities end.  In contrast, this time, I knew a lot of people, knew who who was speaking to us, and knew a lot of the information being conveyed.  It was shorter, more lively, but less interesting.

Afterward, however, we all met up at a nearby bar for some much needed social time with cheesy music and lots of beer.  And by lots of beer, I mean I had three and had a massive hangover the next day.  That’s what five months of not socializing and lots of exercise will do to your tolerance.   Oh well.  As you can see below, it was definitely worth it!

Excited (and slightly drunk) Soon-To-Be Triathletes

Excited (and slightly drunk) Soon-To-Be Triathletes

(I usually don’t like putting up pictures of people without their consent, but there are just too many to ask and the picture is too good to resist.)

It was, and still is, pretty scary how quickly the end of this has come.  I’m not sure I felt, or feel, ready to be “sent-off”, but I didn’t have much of a choice.  All I know is that I will definitely miss the comraderie of this motley crew when this journey ends on Sunday.



  1. great photo!
    wishing you all the best with the triathlon tomorrow.
    sunday, the 26th is here……
    you have trained hard and are well prepared, YOU are ready 🙂
    savor every step and breath as you cross the finish line !!!!!!!!

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