Posted by: libbith | July 21, 2009

Drip, Drip, Drip

37 This weather is making me crazy.  It has been beautiful for nearly  the whole month now, and then, all of a sudden, the forecast gets dreary, the clouds open up, and I have one more thing to worry about.  I really don’t want it to rain on race day.  If the rain is really bad, they cancel the swim and make us run twice.  While the swim is right now giving me the most stress, something I keep avoiding writing about, I will be really disappointed if I don’t have to face that fear and don’t get to do the event as planned.  Even if it’s not that bad, I’ve never biked in the rain. And I doubt the crowds of spectators will be as enthusiastic–and I am counting on their enthusiasm.

If it does rain, I am sure I will make the best of it.  For one, I will be a lot cooler while running, which is always a positive thing.  It may also take the pressure off of doing the bike really fast, because I’ll have to slow down to be safer.  And I won’t let a little moisture ruin this day.  In my imagination, however, I am running the race in the sun, and there is a beauty about the celebration afterwards that necessitates sun.  I realize that my image of it can be totally wrong, but this is the picture I’ve been seeing in my head for months.  I just don’t want anyone raining on my parade…literally.

So, in the meantime, I am monitoring like it is my internship (haha, get the joke?).  I feel like my mom.  Before the website, she used to be glued to The Weather Channel–she may still be, I just don’t live with her anymore–before any major event.  The problem with doing this is that you have absolutely no ability to change anything and have no idea the accuracy of the forecast.  So, you drive yourself insane praying that the weather will be exactly how you’d hoped and spend far too much energy on it.

Despite all of that, here’s to hoping the sun shines on the morning of July 26th!



  1. While no longer glued to the weather channel, I do, since becoming a NYer and a devoted walker, “monitor” the weather on NY1. So, what I can tell is that Sunday morning will be nice and if there is rain on the 26th, it will be in the afternoon.

    Looking forward to cheering no matter what the weather is.

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