Posted by: libbith | July 21, 2009

A Break in the Clouds

Sort of.  It is still raining on-again, off-again and the coaches confirmed our fears about the possibility of the swim getting canceled if the weather is bad on Saturday and/or Sunday.  But, on a sunnier note (I’m going to take this pun as far as it will go), I found something positive to focus on amidst all of this stress.  When all of this started, our Tuesday run GTS workouts were around a half-hour.  At that point, while I had run for more time than that before, that was still a pretty great distance and time to cover and took a lot of energy.* Tonight, however, for our final–yes, FINAL–GTS of any sort, we had a social 30 minute out-and-back run.  While I am certainly hungry after it is over, I am no where near exhausted.  I could have kept going for a long, long time.  Knowing that not only gives me a small boost of confidence for Sunday, but even more than that reminds me of how far I’ve come and what this journey has really been all about.  So, even though my heart is still racing from anxiety and my mind is all over the place, I can sit still–in my soaking wet clothes from running in the rain–and let a small little part of me know that, whatever happens in about 5 days time, that this entire endeavor has been a success.

(And hopefully saying all of that will take some of the pressure off.)

[*Editor’s note: I tried to look back at past posts to read about the early run workouts and, while there are a few, there are not nearly as many as I thought.  I have not done a great job with this blog and that really makes me sad now that we are near the end.  I wish I had documented this journey more thoroughly and I hope my memory does a good job in filling in the gaps.  Hopefully, as I continue to work on my physical fitness after this race, this blog will improve as well.]


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