Posted by: libbith | July 6, 2009

More Maps

I seem to be really into maps these days.  I am sure it is because I spend so much time plugging my running and biking routes into these maps to determine the length of my workouts.  This morning, while wondering for the thousandth time how to bike up the east side rather than the west, I decided to ask the internet that question.  While, unfortunately, the answer seems to be that you can’t easily do it, I found that answer on a great new website.

NYC Bike Map

NYC Bike Map

NYC Bike Maps is exactly what is sounds like: maps of the various bike paths in the five boroughs.  More importantly, however, they not only show bike-specific paths, but designate paths as roadways with bike lanes, bike paths with special hours, greenways that are car free, etc.  They also seem to have other tools and maps available, like maps of various bike tours and races, links to biking blogs, and other information about biking in the big apple.  While the site was far from hard to find, I haven’t heard about it anywhere else, so I’m glad I finally Googled it.  I’ll let you know if I actually take its advice and how accurate the routes are.

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