Posted by: libbith | June 18, 2009

I Forgot to Mention

The main reason(s)–besides having a good workout and getting out of the city–for my friend and I to go riding in Westchester on Sunday were these:

Specialized Women's BG Torch Road Shoe

Specialized Women's BG Torch Road Shoe

Look Keo Pedals

Look Keo Pedals

Both of us had, coicindentally, taken the plunge last week and switched from the pedals that our bikes came with and sneakers, to clipless pedals and bike shoes.  Many teamates had touted the benefits of using this system–which actually feels exactly like a clip, despite the name–and I knew I was going to eventually switch over.  I wanted to, however, get used to riding a road bike for a number of weeks before doing so.  At a charity event a month or so ago, my mom had bought a package at the silent auction that included a gift certificate to a local bike shop.  Considering I was the one who guided (read: forced) her to bid on that item, she let me have it and use it for this purchase.

After a tentative ride home from the bike store, and a more comfortable ride up and down the West Side last Friday, I knew I was ready for a bigger challenege.  I have to say, I really enjoyed using them.  They definitely help utilize more of your pedaling and really make the hills more managable.  They’re also kinda cool looking (especially since I let the guy slightly upsell me so that my white pedals match my white bike).  The only party I still have to get used to is clipping my right foot in after I get going, but I assume that will come in time.

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