Posted by: libbith | June 17, 2009

One Week, Two Races

After taking an unplanned hiatus from official races for a couple of months, I made up for it last week by running in two different road races at two distances I hadn’t raced before.

1. JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge: 3.5 miles

Runner 9338

Runner 9338

Despite being very, very un-corporate–it doesn’t get more un-coporate than being an unpaid intern at a non-profit organization–I had the opportunity to run in the Corporate Challenge this year.  This is a race that happens annually, includes hundreds of companies, and thousands (something like 15,000) runners.  I am not sure if it always benefits Central Park but, this year, that’s where the money went.  I had received the e-mail months ago and wasn’t sure I would still be with the organization, but, fortunately, I am and was able to participate.  This is a crazy race.  There are so many people that you never really can just run comfortably and are constantly doging people like playing Mario Cart.  Although, unlike Mario Cart, these people yell at you when you run into them.  Additionally, even though it wasn’t a hot day, it was horribly, horribly humid and I was dripping with sweat within seconds of starting.  Other than that, the race was a lot of fun.  I met people I work with whom I had never met or only known through e-mail.  I got to spend time with people I see every day but learn more about who they are.  There is a lot more I’d like to say about this, but as we all know, you shouldn’t write about work on your blog.  So I’ll stop there.  As for timing, they didn’t keep official time, but in my estimation it took around 32-32:30 minutes meaning I kept a pace of around 9:01-9:07 minute miles! No wonder I couldn’t breathe.

2. NYRR Dash 10k

Dash 10K

Lush Central Park (from NYRR website)

A friend from TNT (the same one from the ride in Rye) and I signed up for this race not only because we wanted to run the 10k distance in a race setting before the triathlon, but also because, at the end of the race, there was going to be a pool party at Lasker Pool in Central Park.  Of course, the recession had to go and ruin all the fun.   Budget cuts forced the opening of the pool to be pushed back and so the Dash and Splash got chopped in half to just a Dash.  Sadness.  Never mind, we got wet enough with the humidity that just wouldn’t seem to break last week.  We were both pretty nervous at the start–her first road race and my general neuroses–so it probably could have gone better.  We managed, however, to keep each other going and with some helpful cheering about 2.5 miles in from her husband, mom and dog, we managed to make it through to the end.  I have to say, no matter how much a race sucks, that tingly, exciting feeling of crossing the finish line always makes up for it.  Plus, some nice schmoozing, delicious ice pops, and bumping into another friend made the post-race atmosphere pretty wonderful.  Even though I finished at a frustrating 12 seconds longer than an hour (about a 9:45 pace), I am really glad we chose to spend Saturday morning that way.

What I see while racing (from NYRR website)

What I see while racing (from NYRR website)

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