Posted by: libbith | June 14, 2009

Fresh Air

No, this is not a post about Teri Gross.  Instead, it is a quick note about the benefits of getting off the “treadmill” that the loop in Central Park can quickly start to feel like and riding my bike somewhere new for a change.  While I have many more love stories to New York that I want to write in the coming days (I know, despite my best efforts, I remain a blog slacker), I am changing my tune for the time being.

Today, a friend from Team in Training and I decided to leave the crowded streets of Manhattan behind, get on Metro North, and head out to Westchester in search of greener pastures and unknown pathways.  We certainly found what we were looking for.  After 22.55 miles of winding roads, hard uphills, glorious downhills, enormous Greenwich homes, some road kill, plenty of pot holes, and the first sunny and humidity-free day in weeks, two very dirty and very satisfied triathlete-hopefuls got back on the train.  We didn’t always go fast–one very nice gated community security guard told us stories of Bentleys and 44-bedroom homes for 20 minutes after inquiring about a turn we missed–but we definitely got a workout.

I have to say, I am really learning to love being “in the saddle.”  You can work just as hard as when running, but also get amazing breaks with the wind cooling you off as you fly down hill.  You can see wonderful sights while getting an awesome cardio workout.  And–after the initial incredibly hefty expense–the wonderful day wound up costing nothing more than the train ticket and some vanilla Gu.  I can’t wait for my next out-of-town excursion.

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