Posted by: libbith | May 27, 2009

I <3 NY

In addition to become more tuned in to the weather and the changing seasons because of my training, I have also learned so much about those 843 green acres in the middle of the island, the athletic thoroughfare up the west side, and issues of biking in traffic.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love this city, so it has been a pleasure to get to know areas of Manhattan and the rhythms of her people in a new way.  To celebrate that, as well as start to diversify the topics on this blog just slightly, I want to share two amazing websites about the subway, one of my great loves.

The first website I found as someone’s away message on gchat (I can’t remember who, so sorry for not giving credit where it’s due).  This incredible website is fully interactive, which takes a few minutes to figure out.  When you play with the various settings, you can visually understand the volume of ridership in the MTA Subway system, and how it has changed over the years.  I loved imagining why certain lines were more popular at certain times, and what events might have caused sudden drop off.

NYC Subway Ridership

While this snapshot of the website is not nearly as colorful or immediately compeling as the one above, the website has as much information to convey, if with a quieter, more artistic sensibility.  I came across it on another blog but, again, can’t remember which. In this snapshot, the artist has drawn various subways of the world to scale.  It is amazing to see the shocklingly diminutive scale of some next to the vastness of others.  Also, his simple line drawings are just gorgeous.  I recommend clicking around his other projects.  They’re all interesting.

NYC Subway to Scale


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