Posted by: libbith | May 8, 2009

Who Am I?

No, this is not going to be some grand and lofty post about existentialism.  Nor will I launch into deeper references to Les Miserables.  Instead, breaking from my normal format of incredibly verbose posts about physical activity, I am going to post an e-mail conversation between me and my best friend, that kind of sums up what I wanted to write about anyway.  I hope you enjoy this format and its casual, grammatically incorrect style.

PDubs*: i can’t be upset that i keep having really bad runs if i only average running once a week right?

Yours Truly: no, not at all i mean, i guess at some point, if youre consistently running once a week then you should probably set some sort of baseline but, yeah, when all i was doing was running, if i didnt do it for a week it was definitely rough every time

PDubs: yeah, i’m totally stuck on those 8 min running 2 min walking repeats, some days i can get them and some i can’t… must be more consistent.

YT: yeah, i got stuck on the 10 minute ones for a long time
i think at some point i was just like, screw this, im just going to run until i have to stop, and then walk until i can run again

PDubs: haha, yeah… i’m almost at that point. like i’m thinking at least before when myrunning was disorganized i didn’t feel like a failure if i didn’t make it a certain time/distance!

YT: haha, yeah thats sort of the problem with the programs but the benefit of them as well, you know? but dont feel like a failure! its great that youre even making time for it at all. btw, i find it so surreal that IM giving YOU running advice now! who am I?? i find myself talking about this all the time and then, last night, we were at this charity event and what silent auction thing did i make my mom bid on? not the bags, or the face creams, but the bike and chelsea piers gift certificate! (granted, they were the cheaper things).  who the [really inappropriate word] am i??

PDubs: exactly… haha, so true! but fun. it’s the new you as my dad would say, haha.

YT: yeah, i kinda like it 😉 at the same time, i kinda hate myself every time i talk about it because the old me would have been so irritated by the new me

PDubs: hahaha, so true… except the old you probably would have been annoyed secondary to mild jealousy, not because it’s actually annoying to talk about something you like… right?

YT: well, yeah, exactly, haha. i guess i just feel bad that i’m making other people feel like they dont exercise enough, you know? i always hated when i felt that way (all the time)

PDubs: Well are you making other people feel that way? Usually I just make myself feel that way, haha.

YT: I hope I’m not! I try really hard to emphasize that I never exercised before and that i have no idea what I’m doing, so that they don’t think I’m getting all “holier than thou.” but I still worry they feel that way.

I hope you now have a greater insight into my lovely neuroses!

*Names have been “changed” to protect the innocent.

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