Posted by: libbith | April 29, 2009

Brought to You By the Letter “H”

Going into this, there was one thing I knew I hated–Heat–and one thing I was pretty sure I hated–Hills.  Tuesday proved me very right about both.

On what was one of the warmest days of the year so far, we had our regularly scheduled run GTS.  I was already sort of considering not going.  I am moving this Friday and, between the finding a new place, scoping out new furniture, and packing all of our crap into an insane number of boxes, I felt like I haven’t sat still since late May/early April.  This week has been especially grueling since it is the countdown to the move and there is no room for slacking.  Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling going for a run.  But, since I have committed to this and it was a nice, albeit warm, day, I went. Apparently, I should have read the workout plan for that day, before making the decision to go…

Granted, they modified what was originally intended, but it was our first hill workout.  Rather than running hills all hour, because someone had mercy on us, we only did hill repeats (running up and down a hill, i.e. hell) for 10 minutes.  Before that, we ran for 10-15, and after that we ran out for 15 and then then all the way back.  I can tell you neither how long that was total in distance or time, only that it was awful.  With a capital AWFUL.  I expected the hill to be hard because, as I said, I hate hills, and I’ve never done a hill workout in my short running career.  So, it sucked.  But it was after that, when I was really tired and really hot and really dehydrated and really sweaty and really swollen and, did I mention, really hot, that it was terrible.  My running buddy (who probably deserves an entire post on here and has been woefully absent from my woefully irregular writing) was struggling, but not nearly as much as I was.  Whereas we are normally about the same pace and stamina level, she was trucking along and, at some point, I just had to stop and walk.  My mouth was like sandpaper, my fingers were sausages and I was soaked to the bone.   Despite all that, walking was a difficult decision.  Since I started running more than a mile at a time, I have never stopped to walk before (well, ok, once…but I think I was hungover).  Generally, stopping makes me feel lazy, which I know it doesn’t mean, and makes me afraid I won’t restart.  This time, however, I just didn’t want to pass out.

Turned out, wasn’t the only walking break of the run.  I walked for 5-8 minutes, ran for a while, stopped to get a drink at the only water fountain on the route (which on this day was apparently pouring out manna from heaven because it was so freaking delicious), ran some more, walked for a minute, and then ran the rest.  I felt bad about it.  I would have, however, felt a lot worse if they hadn’t told us at the beginning the weather would make us feel crummy and if others around me were not doing the same.

This was a lesson in a number of things, which I shall now list:

1) Don’t drink coffee right before a run, especially on a hot day.
2) Iced coffee is still coffee.
3) Don’t drink coffee and only coffee all day.
4) Just like running in the cold, running in the heat will take time to acclimate to.  But I WILL acclimate.  I must remind myself of that.
5) Buy a freaking running water bottle, no matter how much you don’t want to run with it when you start.  You will thank yourself 10 minutes in.
6) Not every practice is going to be good and feel fun, and that is ok. (I knew this one already, I just have to do some postitive affirmations to get over yesterday.)
7) Oh yeah, once again, stop drinking coffee and start HYDRATING YOU MORON!



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