Posted by: libbith | April 23, 2009


Ok, so maybe I should’ve saved that title for when I actually COMPLETE this darn triathlon but, in the meantime, I had a mild–well for me, pretty big–success today.

When I first started running, as I documented on detail in the beginnings of this blog, I was running much slower than everyone I knew and it was incredibly frustrating and got in the way of my enjoyment of the sport. Since I’ve started Team in Training, however, I haven’t thought about it much. I forget to set my watch when we go so I can’t calculate my pace and I’m too busy socializing during the run to really concentrate on it. Plus, there are so many of us that you’re almost guaranteed to not be the fastest nor the slowest. Those things have helped a lot with my attitude towards running.

Because of my hectic schedule lately accompanied by a bout of stomach ache followed by a head cold that came right near passover, I haven’t gotten out running by myself in a while. Today, having to squeeze it in before heading out to a friend’s event tonight, I finally got back out and ran my old downtown out-and-back of about 4.8 miles (I’m ok with calling that 5 if you are). I could certainly feel the difference in my running both in stamina and form, but I’ve had mishaps with getting overly excited about a good run before.  So, I focused on just enjoying myself and my episode of This American Life, rather than how fast I was, or was not, going (except for the time or two I tried to keep up with much faster people around me…which went well for all of 5 seconds).

Well, I got home, entered my time into my trusty pace calculator, and out popped this pace:

My New Pace

My New Pace

In case you did not go back and read my old posts or have not been following along, that is nearly a MINUTE faster than I was running before I started Team in Training! A MINUTE!  Yes, if you want to get technical, I did run a 5K at about a 9:30 pace but a) that was under race conditions which make everyone go faster and b) it was a much shorter distance.

I have to say, I’m proud of these little legs.


  1. Those beautiful legs! Congrats.

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