Posted by: libbith | April 15, 2009

It’s A Bike!

I bought–well, my father let me buy as my birthday present–my first road bike today!

I knew from the beginning of starting this that I would, in all likelyhood, be getting one.  I did, however, have access to my mom’s hybrid bike.  Seeing as we are similar heights and it wasn’t a mountain bike, I figured I would be fine for a while.  After a number of weeks of inclement weather, we finally went on our first bike GTS two Saturdays ago and I knew, pretty quickly, that I was going to want my own bike sooner rather than later.  Her bike is perfectly good, don’t get me wrong, but it is much heavier than all of the bikes around me and I could tell, as every hill came and kicked my butt, that those on lighter road bikes were puffing a lot less hard than I was.

I did not think, however, that I was going to be getting a bike this soon, let alone today.  I was discussing with my dad when we should go together to pick the bike out and went to look at the hours of Toga Bike Store, the one that the coaches had recommended and many of my teammates had bought their bikes from.  When I went to their website, much to my surprsie, they were having a 15% sale for tax day! Happy Tax Day! My dad quickly agreed that a discount was much more important than us shopping together and I scurried up to the Upper West Side.

About an hour later, I walked away with this:

Pretty New Bike

Pretty New Bike

Innt she purdy? I didn’t technically walk, or even ride, away with her as they have to put her all together, but I should be flying down the west side esplanade, wind flowing through my helmet, in a day or two.  I seriously can’t wait.  I know the cycling portion of the triathlon is still not going to be a breeze, but I could tell from my short trip around the neighborhood testing out the floor model that riding this puppy is going to be much different, and much more fun, then struggling on a hybrid not intended for these purposes.

Things I learned at the bike store today:
1) My legs are pretty long for my frame.  Sweet.
2) Shimano is something you want your gears to say, and 105 is something to aspire to, at least at my level.
3) Ladies get special bikes that are often, as mine is, decorated with swirly bits and curly ques because, apparently, that’s what we women folk like.
4) While the reverse is true in the atmosphere, the more carbon in your bike frame, the better.  Mine has some.
5) I may not like white cars, but I like white bikes.
5) The things you need to change a flat with are scary.
6) Bike stores are kind of like computer stores in that a lot of nerdy people sell really technical equipment to people who have no idea what they are buying and probably won’t use it correctly.  My goal is to not be one of them.

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