Posted by: libbith | March 26, 2009

Two and Three; Twenty and Nineteen

I keep procrastinating writing this post, as is evidenced by the distance between this and the last as well as the fact that I am smooshing two weekly summaries (a tradition I created in my head even though I’ve only done it once) into one post.  Oops.

The reason I have been putting it off is two-fold, and the reasons are related. First, I was on vacation last week and didn’t feel like blogging. Two, I was on vacation last week and that really affected my training for the two weeks chronicled in this post.

Week Two/Twenty started off well and ended poorly (a trend I am unfortunately starting to see develop).  I went to the run GTS on Saturday, blew off Sunday for a now forgotten reason, and then went to swimming GTS on Monday and run GTS on Tuesday.  I took Wednesday off, forgetting that I had to dedicate Thursday night to packing and Friday we were leaving right after work.  Oops.  So, yeah, that week I ran twice and swam once.

Week Three/Nineteen was sort of a disaster, and sort of awesome.  I managed to “swim” twice (by swim, I mean my boyfriend and I got in the eensy weensy hotel pool and I tried to do laps until I got dizzy, then I “worked on my stroke” by trying to teach him how to do freestyle better).  We ran once, but that totally failed due to heat and hills.  We also biked for half a day and that was the awesome part.  Why am I being so vague? Because, for some reason, I decided that I need a seperate vacation post where I go into these things in detail.

Here’s to hoping I can get a bit more disciplined at both blogging and training solo!

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