Posted by: libbith | March 9, 2009

One; Twenty-One

As Friday night turned into Saturday morning, week one of my triathlon training ended. In some ways, as I have already written, the week was a success.  In other ways, however, I was disappointed with myself.  Ideally, we should be training six days a week, two days for each sport.  Realistically, that won’t always happen, but I wanted the first week to be as perfect as possible.  There were some external influences that tripped me up and I only managed four days, and all of them at the beginning of the week.  On Tuesday, we were supposed to have our first weekday run GTS but the ice on the roads (writing that now that it is 50-something degrees makes it feel like a lifetime ago) forced the coaches to cancel practice.  I did, however, bike at the gym instead.  I still needed to get a second run in, not only to meet my goal but also because it is my weakest sport so I should do it twice a week without fail.  I hoped to run with my mom after work on Thursday, but she had other plans and I went home and didn’t do anything.  I was mad at myself, but convinced I would run on Friday.  Of course, my evening plans got moved forward by about an hour, making it impossible for me to run without being really late.  Since I was seeing friends from out of town who were visiting for the weekend–my friend’s bachelorette party was Saturday night–I really wanted to spend as much time with them as possible.  So that made Friday a wash as well.  Finally, even though it is technically in “week two”, I wanted to bike today but was just too exhausted and dehydrated from both Saturday night’s festivities and a weekend of running around looking at apartments and going to art fairs, that I just couldn’t drag myself downstairs to the gym.

I know every week is not going to be perfect, and I know, because the coaches have said, that life is allowed to get in the way from time to time and you can’t get upset about it, but I did want to start off on the best foot possible.

Here’s to a good week two! Only twenty weeks to go…


  1. I will toast to a good week ahead (and a wonderful trip to Lisbon!)

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