Posted by: libbith | March 2, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

I’m not sure what I mean by the “again” in the title.  The last time I was on a bike was nearly 7 months ago and, as my mom can attest to, it went horribly.  Before that, I have no idea when I went cycling.  So, yeah, the again is just for consistency with the reference.

Any who, for my first “solo” training today, I got on the stationary bike at the gym.  I don’t think I was technically supposed to train today, but I figured it was a good idea to keep the momentum from yesterday going and get into a strong routine from the get go.  Seeing as I have no idea how to train on a bike and, unlike for running, didn’t read what the entire internet had to say about how to do it, I figured I would just get on and pedal for a half hour or so, trying to break a sweat.  Fortunately, as I updated my iPod, an e-mail breaking down every tiny detail of training this week came through.  It said to do this:

“Warm-up (WU) 0:15 (15 minutes) :05 EZ spin @ 90-100rpm
:05 Rpm pyramid
:05 Resistance (gear) pyramid
RPM Pyramid – vary the rpm’s every 10sec w/o changing the resistance. Raise rpm every 20seconds for
30seconds, then lower by 5 rpm every 10sec. Repeat so you do this 1 minute pyramid 5 times. If your bike
does not have rpm feedback, just go based upon feeling.
Resistance Pyramid – same format as rpm’s, but in this one you raise resistance (“gears” while trying to keep
rpm’s stable @ 90-95 throughout this 5mins!! If 90rpm’s is too fast for you, start at 80 and soon you will feel
coordinated enough to ride at 90. DO NOT bounce in the saddle – it is a sign of pedaling inefficiency and will
not be comfortable for very long!!
Workout Set (WS) 0:10-0:30  0:10 spin with :02 recovery (this set may be done 1-3 times)
Choose a resistance level that is very easy to spin, and try to spin the pedals @ 100+rpms (without bouncing).
It is essential that you try to keep the pedal stroke fluid (no jerky motions) and limit (ie eliminate) any bouncing
in the saddle since this will lead to much discomfort!”

While I can’t say I understood all of what that said, I think I generally got the gist.  I enjoyed my time on the bike and liked having a strict plan to follow as it made the time go a lot faster.  I also was able to, since I was sitting down, fiddle with my iPod more often, read a little, and generally break up the time more than on the treadmill. Which is good to know because it is much harder to bike outside in inclement weather and I will have to be as amenable to biking on the stationary bike as doing so outside (which I am not when it comes to running).

So far, so good.


  1. I’m impressed you understood those directions; like a foreign language!

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