Posted by: libbith | February 25, 2009

Holy Expletive

1.  We just got our training schedule for the month of March.  It is a very, very scary looking document.

TNT Summer 09 March Training Calendar

TNT Summer 09 March Training Calendar

(I’m not sure if you can see that at all, but trust me, it is frightening.)  Now, granted, somewhere else in the tons of documents they sent us, it says that we should aim to train 4 days a week (twice in our weakest sport, once each in our stronger sports), but that’s the first I’m hearing of that so, for now, I’m not going to believe it.

2. Somewhere else in these seven lengthly documents we were just sent (and I am sure I am the only one who, like a total nerd, read every single word in each one, even the parts about the Brooklyn training sessions I will not be attending) it explains what the three running levels are:

Advanced = current ability to run 5M @ 8min per mile pace
Intermediate = current ability to run 3M @ 8-10min per mile pace
Basic = run 3 miles continuously? Are you kidding?

Three months ago, I could oft be overheard saying “Run 3 miles continuously? Are you kidding?”  Now, as of Saturday’s race, I am officially, firmly, in the Intermediate category.  INTERMEDIATE?? What are these people smoking? I’m a beginner runner! I don’t know what I’m doing! Or, at least, that’s how I feel.  I guess I have to start accepting that I have made great strides (pun most definitely intended) in the last three months, and will make even greater ones in the months to come.


  1. Elisabeth…awesome. I just coined this phrase, “Yes you can” Whata think? From the Ganzs of Cleveland that are always doing some crazy sport (swim boy Adam and lacrosse girl Emily and cycle boy Michael…hmmm and Jazzercise Ellen – no I do not know what Jazzercise is) I have full confidence in you…I will be at the finish line with a beer (that I will be drinking). Love Uncle Michael

  2. Does this mean my running partner will soon out run me??? I’m sad!

  3. Love the comment Uncle Michael, thanks!

    Mommy: I highly doubt I will soon out run you and, you too are intermediate!

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