Posted by: libbith | February 4, 2009

Running Review

I still have not quite figured out how to make this blog interesting, at least for now when I don’t have the variety of three sports to lean on and I am just focusing on running.  With my last blog, it was fairly straight forward; I wrote about what was going on in all aspects of my life.  This, at least for me, kept it interesting.  Here, I am a bit concerned, as I tend to be with repeating my same running route, about monotony.  For now, however, I think I am just going to start by breaking up my run into positives and negatives.  This way, I can sort of track what things I still have to learn as well as tips and tricks that seem to be working.

As I tend to do, I am going to start with the negative.  I sort of saw this coming on Sunday afternoon, after the race was over, but I’m feeling a bit of a post-race motivation drop.  While motivation to exercise tends to be fairly elusive for me in general, I am feeling particularly so this week.  It definitely helped that we signed up for our next race last night (a 5k on February 21st) so I know that I cannot slack off horribly between then and now.  I am, however, having trouble switching my goal from 4 miles to something between 4 and the ultimate triathlon distance of a 10K.  While adding those next 2.2 miles should probably just be the goal in itself, I don’t know when I will have a chance to run that distance so it is hard to make it my goal. Finally, and least surprising, I still have a really hard time getting off the couch.  I usually think about running on and off all day, trying to convince myself to go.  It only works about 50% of the times I intend to go.  I guess that’s better than when I never went.

That leads me to the positive side of things.  When I do conquer my natural desire to stay sedentary, that positive 50%, and once I start running, I can always do it.  Even if I need to convince myself to go by saying, “oh, you can only go for a half hour today”, I always wind up finishing whatever my real goal was.  Speaking of which, today was my longest run to date.  While a fairly slow pace, I ran for 53:00 minutes for a total of 4.72 miles.  Not too shabby.  Finally, what I’ve also realized is that I really love running in the evening.  I love starting around sunset and watching all of the colors of the sky bouncing off the water and the buildings.  Then, as I get into the main part of my run, dusk falls.  Dusk is by far my favorite time of day and makes running that much more enjoyable for me.  If I started late on a particular day, or ran particularly long, sometimes I’m just finishing up when its really dark, and that has its own pleasures.  Everything feels calmer and quieter than during the day.  The lights from New Jersey reflect in the water and the tall buildings of the Financial District seem to sparkle in a way that they never do during the day.

Today’s run:  Maiden Lane through Battery Park

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